Navico is dedicated to preserving the joy of being out on the water for current and future generations


In 2021, we undertook a Materiality process to identify the priority issues that are most important to us and our stakeholders. Our top five environmental issues are highlighted below, along with our commitment to community engagement.

Our Journey so Far

Here are the latest sustainability stories from around our business and brands.

Navico Joins Responsible Business Alliance as Supporter Member

Simrad Yachting and Cantieri Nautici Vizianello Collaborate on Sustainable Water Taxi Transport

Navico Launches New Sustainable Packaging Program

E1 Series Powerboat Championship Names Simrad Products as Official Marine Electronics Partner

Brunswick Corporation Publishes 2021 Sustainability Report & Announces Hiring of Company’s First Chief Sustainability Officer


In 2022, we’re focused on ten sustainability goals aligned to our priorities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we will share our progress against these goals. We are also aligning with our parent company Brunswick on longer term goals which we will communicate at a later stage.

Develop products and solutions for cleaner and healthier oceans and waterways, and accelerate the energy transition in the boating industry

Support sustainable fishing and habitat conservation

Increase engagement with our sustainability messages, partnerships and actions

Reduce our use of virgin raw materials and make meaningful progress on circularity in the design and manufacturing of our products

Contribute to climate change mitigation through efforts aligned with parent company Brunswick (logistics, energy procurement, travel and commuting and supplier engagement)

Support communities in which we live and work through employee volunteering

Ensure human rights are respected in our operations and supply chain

Increase company-wide internal engagement on sustainability through monthly internal webinars, newsletter articles, sustainability hackathons, among other efforts

Implement a sustainable procurement program in 2022

Manage and resolve sustainability grievances in a timely manner when raised

“Sustainability is one of the three pillars of our strategy. As leaders in marine technology, we recognize our responsibility to this planet, and we will only be successful if all oceans and waterways, the Earth’s environment, and the people who live in it are thriving.”

– Knut Frostad

Our Team

There is a central Sustainability team, managed by the Chief Sustainability Officer who reports directly into our CEO.

Chief Sustainability Officer

Chief Sustainability Officer

Tara Norton



Doris Deltell



Amelia Bone



Angelica Olachea



Ines Veiga

A Message From the Team
Dear Navico Friends,

We all must do more to turn the tide on humanity’s harmful impact on our environment and water.

Water covers roughly 71% of the Earth’s surface, 97% is found in the oceans and 3% is freshwater. These water systems are facing unprecedented and evolving changes due to global warming, pollution and overexploitation. There is an increasing number of marine dead zones, more than 40% of our freshwater systems are severely polluted, the acidity of the ocean is up 26% (caused by pollution and climate change) since the beginning of the industrial era, and about a third of global fisheries are overfished. This is resulting in numerous impacts on environmental and human systems.

Navico is uniquely positioned as a global leader in marine electronics to impact change, and we are serious about doing our part to eliminate our negative impacts, and innovate and partner for sustainability. We know that to be successful, sustainability has to be a part of everything we do – in our core processes, central to relationships with our stakeholders, and in the decisions that we make every day.

We conducted our first materiality exercise in 2021, and the five priorities that we identified – which are outlined on this website – form the foundation of our sustainability strategy. We have a global Sustainability team who reports directly in to our CEO, and in addition, we have a sustainability integration team with at least one representative from each department, region and brand, representing our global operations.

Collectively, we have set company-wide sustainability goals (outlined above), and manage a company-wide Sustainability Roadmap with internal resources dedicated to meeting these goals. We track KPIs against our goals that are communicated and discussed at the Corporate Executive Committee at least monthly. In September 2021, we were acquired by Brunswick, a company with a strong focus on sustainability. Navico is now a part of their sustainability committee and we are furthering our integration and areas where we can clearly work together. Navico strives to transform what we can, impact what we can, and drive change where we can. We know that to be successful in creating a sustainable future, we have to collaborate internally and with our industry peers and beyond.

We are on a journey, and we welcome ideas, input and feedback – contact us at sustainability@navico.com.

Here’s to a successful and sustainable future…


– The Navico Sustainability Team


For any Sustainability related issues, questions, suggestions or feedback, please contact the Sustainability team.