Navico aims for our products to create positive impact where possible, and to significantly reduce waste and the environmental footprint of our products.


Navico is committed to ensuring that all of our products will use 100% sustainable and recyclable packaging. We launched our efforts in 2019 to focus on creating sustainable and recyclable packaging for all our all new products, and from our estimates on delivery, so far this will contribute to the following reductions in 2021:


  • Eliminating nearly 400,000 plastic bags
  • Doing away with nearly 500,000 plastic clamshell packages
  • Removing over 200,000 instapak inserts
  • Integrating new interior packaging includes Hydropol bags that are water soluble, ocean safe and biodegradable that do not breakdown into microplastics.

Lowrance’s Elite FS was one of the products to move to 100% sustainable and recyclable packaging in 2020.


Elite FS includes an aqua (hydropol) bag that replaced the plastic bag to protect the MFD.