You’ve been at Navico for a relatively short time, how has it been and has it lived up to your expectations?

I have been positively surprised regarding both the team and workspace. There is a strong relationship with colleagues and the office here in Gothenburg is really nice.


Why did you choose to join Navico’s R&D Team in the first place?

I choose to join Navico because there is the possibility to work with exciting technology like OpenGL. I also had the feeling that my voice and my opinion will be taken into consideration and I liked the possibility of hybrid working (a mixture of at home and in the office).  


Have you been impressed with the Software Team you’ve joined in Gothenburg and how does it compare to previous organisations you’ve worked for?

I’ve found all the colleagues from different countries are kind and helpful. They are open-minded people with different backgrounds in Kotlin,c++ and nautical knowledge. In my previous companies, the team was fully Android focused. The benefit of having other peoples’ knowledge in the team is to learn different things.


What kind of projects have you been involved with so far?

Sonar and Ui library. At this moment the applications are a mix of Android and Qt, for me, it is a nice challenge to improve my knowledge regarding C++.


What are the benefits of working as part of a global R&D Team?

You get to interact with colleagues from different cultures and with different points of view. It is fun and can help you to see things from different perspectives.


How important is the role of software in helping Navico develop differentiated customer experiences with its products?

Having worked only with Simrad (our powerboat brand) so far, I would say it is very important!


Why should other software developers be attracted to the world of marine electronics?

At Navico, it is possible to grow and learn from each other. Every week we have two hours where we can study together or share knowledge. I love that.

The devices we produce for our customers have a very beautiful display. That makes it more enjoyable to see the results of my work!

It is also fun to make some of the most important applications (Sonar, Radar and Chart) perform as well as possible and manipulate the data by drawing different graphics.