What’s it liking working at Navico and how long have you been with us for?

I thoroughly enjoy working at Navico, we have a great global team and excellent products. I have been with the company for almost seven years.


What role does Software play in developing Navico products of the future?

Software is always pushing for the next best thing and customers are always looking for a new feature or improvement. Working in R&D we are at the forefront of that process and it is great to be a part of.


Generally speaking, is software becoming even more important in the development of marine electronics?

Marine electronics in the past 10 years have become far more integrated. Boating is a far easier and enjoyable experience with the technology we have today. Electronics have meant that passage planning, navigation, and overall safety has improved for all our users.


What are the benefits of working as part of a global R&D Team?

Having a global team means we have a wider range or knowledge and expertise. If we have a problem it can be discussed overnight and is normally fixed by the following morning. On water validation is completed in all environments by different types of users, as the testing process is more extensive we can deliver products with far more confidence.


Have you experienced opportunities for growth?

I started Navico with very little understanding of software but a lot of sailing knowledge. During my time at Navico I have learnt and progressed up the ladder, I am now a senior SQA test engineer and manage the UK testing team.


What kind of projects are you involved with today?

Every day is different as I have numerous projects on the go at once. Without giving anything away, we are developing the next generation of navigation and sailing equipment, so we are in some very exciting times!


You operate in a very specific field – i.e. – Software Quality Assurance (SQA). How did you end up specialising in this area?

Before Navico I was sailing (and working) on an around the world racing yacht. The yacht was a test boat for some of B&G’s latest sailing electronics and I had used it for thousands of nautical miles. When I left my previous role I saw Navico were looking for a sailing specific SQA position. It was a strange transition from sailing to the office but my excitement and interest in Navico products made it easy.