Navico Prostaff Program – US & Canada

Navico, the manufacturer of Lowrance, Simrad, B&G and C-Map products, is looking for qualified candidates to join our ProStaff team!

The ProStaff team at Navico is a select group of promotion-oriented, professional and respected anglers and/or boaters from the marine community. Navico ProStaff visit key retail stores to help our most important customers sell our products, coach their store associates on selling and make sure that their stores are looking good. You will be responsible for reporting back to Navico on your observations and consumer engagements when you are in the stores or at events.

Other assignments may include:

  • Regional Boat Shows
  • Various Fishing and or Boating Events
  • On The Water Demonstrations
  • Conducting Seminars

Navico has an annual ProStaff cycle where all members and potential new members have to re-apply to secure their position for next year. For Navico, the cycle is the calendar year starting on January 1st and ending on December 31st. The reapplication process ensures that ProStaff quality and commitment is kept at a high level.

Minimum Requirements:

  • ProStaff Team Members are required to complete a minimum of six (6) assignments in a calendar year to remain on the ProStaff team for the following year.
  • ProStaff Team members are also required to take part in monthly conference calls. These calls include monthly updates as well as Navico product training.

We value our ProStaff and offer a highly competitive compensation plan that includes: a daily payment for your time spent at approved events, reimbursements for meals and mileage to get to and from events, and discounts on Navico products.

Application Review Process:

We will do our best to review applications promptly and provide you with a response as soon as possible.

Further questions?

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions to get answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Thank you for your consideration to join our team. We look forward to receiving your application

As a ProStaff, will I be a Navico employee? A Navico ProStaff is an independent contractor, not an employee of Navico. ProStaff receive a 1099 at the beginning of each year and they will be responsible for paying any income, Social Security, or other federal, state, or local taxes.

Why does Navico require yearly application to be on the ProStaff Program? The reapplication process allows for us to review our entire team on an annual basis as to ensure we have the right ProStaff in the right places for the right purpose.

How will I be compensated for my efforts on Navico ProStaff? At Navico we value our ProStaff and have done our best to build a highly attractive compensation model made up of different elements to include; daily pay rate, travel expenses, and product discounts. We will share full details with you once you’re you have been accepted on our team.

What commitments are required by Navico to be on the ProStaff program? The availability to visit retail locations on weekends are the first and foremost. Especially during peak season when our big focus is supporting our key retail partners. On a case by case basics and with approval of Navico management there may be times were there will be assignments during the week. There are also monthly and quarterly meetings. These are typically conference calls and are in the evenings.

When will I hear back on my application? Applications will be reviewed and processed based on referrals from Navico employees and current ProStaff. Our aim is to approve or decline applications as quickly as possible.