About C-MAP

For more than 30 years, C-MAP has been a world leader in marine cartography and navigation solutions. We serve both the Commercial and Recreational marine industries, empowering our customers to make smarter decisions both on and off the water.

Recreational Marine

Whether sailing, cruising, or fishing, our customers can better plan, navigate, and enjoy their journeys thanks to our best-in-class data and insights. We use the most accurate, reliable, and multi-source data to create our electronic charts. With C-MAP Genesis, we are building the most powerful social mapping service in the world and giving anglers everywhere the ability to make decisions based on the most accurate data.

 Commercial Marine

C-MAP is a leader in electronic navigational charts (ENCs), Fleet Management solutions and voyage optimization services. We offer our customers unmatched insight and analysis to enable their fleets to operate more efficiently and effectively, saving them time and money. With breakthrough innovations like our Integrated Maritime Suite (IMS), we are powering a “smart shipping” era and empowering our customers to make smarter ‘back of bridge’ decisions.


We are known around the world as the leading provider of marine navigation data. Our data and software solutions are used by the majority of the world’s Hydrographic Offices.

Our cloud-based software and GIS services are used by aquatic biologists, government agencies and aquatic researchers to create objective aquatic maps for resource assessment and aquatic management.

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