Navico Division Strategy

Navico Division Strategy

Navico is made up of three business divisions:

Recreational Marine is aimed at the consumer market whilst the Commercial division serves commercial vessels of all sizes, from small vessels on inland waterways to larger coastal commercial and passenger craft.
Digital Marine is focused on developing mapping, apps and services for both the Recreational and Commercial markets.

Recreational MarineThe Navico Recreational Marine Division is the world’s largest provider of leisure marine electronics products. The business’s key strength is its focus on three segmented brands that meet specific consumer needs: Lowrance is aimed at Fishing, particularly in freshwater and near coastal areas, Simrad is focused on Powerboat owners for cruising and sportfishing and B&G serves the Sailing market.

This focus on specific consumer groups per brand enables Navico to develop products with meaningful and practical features that provide a real benefit to the user. The approach drives an ambitious R&D programme, which includes a rigorous approach to development and production costs, ensuring Navico products are both of outstanding quality and competitively priced.

Commercial MarineThe Commercial Marine Division has a long history in the supply of autopilots and radio communication, under the Simonds and Robinson brands, for fishing fleets in the North Sea. Now trading as the Simrad brand of Commercial products, the division has a goal of expanding within the commercial marine electronics market, which has an estimated value of more than $3billion US Dollars. The focus initially has been on the near shore and light commercial vessels. Navico continues to make acquisitions to strengthen its portfolio, adding to the purchase of the Consilium Radar Business Unit in 2013.

Digital MarineThe Digital Marine Division was originally set up to focus on mapping requirements for the group. It is now committed to developing and capitalising the revolution that is happening in cloud data, telematics, app development and added value services.