Helpings ship and fleet owners to meet SOLAS compliance while managing complete ECDIS running costs with a simple monthly fee from as little as US $25 per day.

Egersund, Norway –The launch of the new Simrad ECDIS ONE Subscription Service helps ship and fleet owners meet updated ECDIS carriage mandates with a flexible, cost-controlled solution.

The new one-stop-shop solution includes requirements scoping, planning consultancy, ECDIS hardware, system commissioning, a full digital services package, access to Navico’s global support and service network, and type-specific ECDIS training, all based on a single monthly fee over a chosen duration with the flexibility to stop the service before the term ends. This subscription model simplifies financial planning by offering companies regular and predictable costs throughout a customisable contract.

“We are providing a simple economic solution to help ship and fleet owners achieve full SOLAS compliance using our ECDIS solutions and also giving them access to a wide range of electronic charts and support services we have within the company.” said Nicolas Queru, EVP, MD of Navico’s commercial division. “The new ECDIS ‘ONE’ subscription-based service will help owners control operational costs, and meet the compliance requirements for ECDIS mandated ships including implementation deadlines fast approaching for those who need retrofit by July 2017, 2018 or 2019.”

The ECDIS ‘ONE’ Subscription Service is made up of six core components:

Simrad ECDIS solutions have been installed aboard more than 4,000 vessels to date, and tried and tested in some of the world’s toughest maritime conditions. The subscription package is based on the MARIS ECDIS900 platform which offers a comprehensive, extensible feature set and support for electronic navigational charts from most leading hydrographic chart providers. ECDIS ‘ONE’ subscription packages can be deployed in a wide variety of custom configurations to suit the specific needs of the customer.

2. Digital Charts
Navico is an authorised distributor of official electronic navigational charts (ENCs) from Primar, IC-ENC, UKHO (AVCS), NAVTOR and MPA, and also supplies UKHO Admiralty Raster Charts (ARCS). This allows the company to offer both ECDIS hardware and a wide variety of compatible electronic charts under one convenient subscription model.

3. Digital Publications
Navico is an authorised distributor of UKHO and Witherby Publishing Group, and offers a range of digital publications such as Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) and e-NP (e-books) from the UKHO, and e-books from Witherby Publishing Group ranging from IMO publications to Shipping Guides.

4. On-Board Chart Management Software
Simrad MARIS Bridge Assistant (MBA) enables navigators to easily manage electronic charts, paper chart portfolios, and digital publications. MBA is optimised for fast and efficient chart updates over shipboard internet connections, and integrates seamlessly with the Simrad MARIS Customer Portal fleet management interface.

5. Fleet Management
Simrad MARIS Customer Portal (MCP) is a web-based tool that keeps track of everything from chart management to LogLite reporting. It also provides a full graphical vessel tracking view, accessible from anywhere and at any time via connected PCs and mobile devices. This online tool simplifies fleet management and cost control by combining reports and chart orders into one user-friendly portal.

6. Global Service
The 24/7 global support team ensures there is always someone available to assist customers should the need arise, while global service is available with dedicated support engineers located in key ports around the world.

Subscription costs start from USD$25 per day for a dual ECDIS system, ten online computer-based training (CBT) courses with Navico’s ECDIS training partner Safebridge, AVCS regional coverage, regional ADPs, and annual on-board ECDIS health check.

1. Under the IMO’s Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS), regulation V/19-2.1.4, as amended, electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) with suitable back-up systems are required on all passenger and merchant vessels of a certain minimum gross tonnage and above.
2. Implementation dates for the new regulations range from July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2018. From 2012, new passenger vessels of 500 gross tons (gt) or more and new tankers of 3,000 gt and above must have met the new regulation and, since mid-2014 and mid-2015 respectively, existing vessels of these types must have had approved systems installed on board.
3. New cargo vessels, other than tankers, exceeding 10,000 gt and 3,000 gt were mandated to have ECDIS installed by mid-2013 and mid-2014 respectively.
4. Between now and mid-2018, existing cargo ships other than tankers of more than 50,000 gt constructed before July 1, 2013 must have approved systems installed not later than the first survey after July 1, 2016.
5. Existing cargo ships other than tankers of between 20,000 gt and 50,000 gt built before July 1, 2013 must have ECDIS systems installed no later than the first survey after July 1, 2017; and, on a similar basis, existing cargo ships of between 10,000 gt and 20,000 gt not later than the first survey after July 1, 2018.

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