The new R3016 12U/6X  IMO type approved radar system that delivers a powerful solution in a compact package.

Announcing the launch of the Simrad® R3016 12U/6X IMO SOLAS CAT 3 Radar System for the commercial shipping market.

The new R3016 12U/6X  IMO type approved radar solution is ideal for use aboard CAT 3 SOLAS vessels1, workboats, tugs and coastal fishing boats. Its 12-kilowatt X-Band transceiver and 6-foot open array scanner are designed for high reliability and low maintenance. Alongside the 6-foot array comes the new Simrad R3016, a compact control unit with a 1366×768-pixel high-definition 15.6” diagonal widescreen display.  It features  a 180mm highly detailed radar PPI that allows ample space for additional vessel data, radar settings and target tracking information.

The R3016 12U/6X IMO SOLAS CAT3 system delivers outstanding radar performance for demanding commercial customers.   Built around a new generation digital processing user interface, it features enhanced target tracking capabilies, extremely clear target definition,  and advanced automated tuning controls delivering a power solution in a compact package. The R3016 integrated keypad and rotary control dial with direct-access button,  ensure no-nonsense reliable control of on-screen menus, even in the toughest environment.

The new radar system brings an innovative level of simplicity in system design and installation.  The R3016 control unit incorporates the display, controls and processor in a single integrated system.   Very important for smaller vessels with limited space, as it requires no bulky additional PC processor.  Installation costs are further reduced with easily-routed Ethernet cabling and a compact, bulkhead mounted power supply unit.

The R3016 control unit conforms to IPX7 water-resistance standards, in addition, the 12U/6X antenna is designed for maximum reliability, driven by a brushless motor, robust mechanical gearbox and transceiver which incorporates a longlife magnetron.

“The new IMO SOLAS CAT 3 approved radar system brings together our latest radar and display technology,” said Jose Herrero, MD Commercial Division, adding “Our team of developers and engineers continually strive to develop innovations that simplify the user experience, improve operational performance, reducing training time and costs for our commercial clients.”

The R3016 12U/6X IMO SOLAS CAT3 system will be available Q2 2016.

Footnote1 – Under the Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, International Maritime Organization regulations and SOLAS V minimum carriage requirements for radar define Category 3 vessels as those of under 500gt.  Radars installed on these ships are required to have minimum capacity for a minimum of 20 acquired targets, a minimum of 20 activated AIS targets, and a minumum of 100 sleeping AIS targets.